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Irish Wolfhounds

Here at Travellers Rest we have two male grey Irish Wolfhounds, but don't panic they are not allowed out in the garden to terrorise the guests!


The eldest, Mr Darcy was born just before we left the UK in Sept 2014. He was bred by a Church Minister near Mossel Bay. He used to enjoy meeting the guests after breakfast and has long been the star of the show. Often if we have no guests he'll take himself off and lay on the edge of the stoep on room 1.


The younger of the two is Stanley. He was born in Jan 2017 and comes from Bethleham in the Free State. Stanley is a terrorist of note! You'll notice that the fig tree in the garden has very few leaves and the small peach tree never seems to have any fruit.....

Both (as many Wolfhounds do) love fruit, they both have at least one apple a day and Stanley will eat fresh tomatoes and cucumber, both enjoy vegetables of any kind. Stanley has a taste for alcohol.

Because of their size they are easily able to help themselves to food from any work surface, remove the lids from dustbins and in Stanleys case, take a slurp from any unattended wine glasses!


Sadly on the 3rd of September 2021, after a short illness, Mr Darcy decided it was time to leave us....

Mr Darcy on the left with Stanley, enjoying ostrich thigh bones.

A younger Mr Darcy greeting guests

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